Image of Limbo III Multi Headed Delay (1100ms version) Image of Limbo III Multi Headed Delay (1100ms version)

Limbo III Multi Headed Delay (1100ms version)


Note: Built to order, current build time approx 1-2 weeks!

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LIMBO III - FULLY FEATURED ANALOGUE DELAY (MN3005 Reissue ~1100ms version)
Fully analog signal path with warm repeats and luscious modulation. A very useful tone control and a selection of modulation settings are just two of the great features on this comprehensive analogue delay. Perhaps the most outstanding feature however is the multi-tap options!

+analogue chips (MN3005 reissue and MN3007)
+up to 900ms delay time
+tap tempo
+tone control
+external tap input
+CV/expression input
+gain control has a range of -6 up to +20dB
+"CLEAN" is a dry/wet level independent to the delay "LEVEL" control
+Expression modes include modulation depth or speed, delay time, or regeneration
+1/1, 1/4, 5/8, 1/2, and 3/4 multi-tap options
+modulation with 3 settings: arpeggios, envelope, and standard oscillating
+4 different subdivisions
+subdivision dial is also manual delay time control
+top mounted jacks
+pedalboard friendly tap tempo switch on left hand side
+9-18VDC negative tip power
+requires 200mA current